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How to Practically Make Prayer Part of Your Routine (+ an inside look into my prayer runs!)

I'm often working on ways to reframe my mindset (especially towards my running/training), as well as learning how to fix my mind on prayer more often throughout my daily routine. I struggle with both of these things a lot more once school starts, and I want to start being intentional now.

So, I found a way to do both of those things (while also helping me become more enthusiastic to actually go on my runs!)

Have you ever heard of holy girl prayer walks? Well, what if we translated that into our runs, workouts, or daily activities in general?

When I'm feeling especially unmotivated to run, or just want to be a little extra intentional, I plan out a prayer topic for each half mile of my run. Here's what one of my runs may look like:

0.5 mile: my shins + running goals

1 mile: switch leaders + their babies

1.5 miles: upcoming school year

2 miles: my cross country team

2.5 miles: the blog

3 miles: future decisions (college, jobs, etc)

3.5 miles: my community

4 miles: things I'm grateful for

So on these prayer runs, I work to be intentional on how I spend my time thinking. I focus on these people and situations that I need to talk to Jesus about, and not only does that distract me from the run itself, it energizes me and fuels me up. Suddenly, my runs aren't only about me and my unhappy feelings towards this run, but instead are about releasing things to Jesus and having conversations with Him. It becomes less of training to run and more of me practicing what it looks like to fix my mind on Him, and that changes your heart posture, you know? My run goes by faster, I get quality time with the Lord, and I get to lift people and circumstances up in prayer. It's a win win!

But you guys, this isn't just a strategy for runners. You can incorporate prayer into any of your daily routines. Maybe while you get ready, you "assign" a topic to pray over while you complete each step. Maybe while you help clean the house, you pray over a different person or situation in each room.

Practically, maybe try this:

  • The next time you drive to school/practice, pray over a person or situation until you pass a stoplight. Then, pray over a new person or situation. Repeat until you get to your destination!

  • Once we get back to school, assign a prayer topic to each classroom you enter. Be intentional about praying over that topic when you have free time!

  • When you clean your house, assign each step of your cleaning routine to a prayer topic. For example, when you sweep the floor, pray over your family; when you dust, pray over a sin struggle; when you make your bed, pray over a friend.

  • Try taking a prayer walk! Get some exercise in, and spend a few minutes praying over each thing on your heart.

With all that being said, it truly doesn't matter where or how you do it; it's all about making prayer practical and being intentional about continuing to communicate with the Lord continually and consistently.

Because when we find a way to become more consistent in prayer, more often, our relationship with the Lord deepens as communicating with Him becomes an intentional and regular part of our routine. Our peace increases as we make more time and space to talk to Jesus. We receive more clarity and guidance because we are keeping communication lines open with the Father. Prayer changes our lives, you guys, and I have realized how important it is that we make it one of our top priorities in our daily routines. In my own life, it's so noticeable the change in my mindset and perspective when I pray, and desire that same change in your life as well.


It is my goal and desire that this post would encourage you in your prayer life and challenge you to become more intentional about talking to Jesus throughout your day to day life. If you would like more posts about prayer and how to make prayer more practical, let me know down in the comments below!



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