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A Bit of Bible Study Encouragement + why shaking up your routine might be just what you need

I recently concluded my study of 2nd Samuel, and while it was a good one, I'm ready to jump into something different. I'm craving to be a bit more creative and reflective as I head into my new study plan, and I'm excited for what I have planned.

As I've mentioned on the blog before, I do two-a-days with Jesus, which means I have two Bible studies a day (one at 5:15 am and one at 8 pm). This isn't to brag or show off; this is just what works for me and what I know my soul needs to help me be the best version of myself. For the past few weeks, my nightly Bible study has been lacking a bit of intentionality, so going forward, I've crafted a new plan that I am genuinely so excited about, and that will add a bit of variety into my Bible study.

Before I fill you all in on my new study plan, I want to encourage y'all with a little bit of something I'm learning lately.

Sometimes I'll catch myself getting in a "spiritual rut" (you know what I'm talking about; feeling far from God, bored during Bible study, struggling to pray, etc), and I'll wonder what's wrong with me. The truth is, nothing is wrong with me, I've just started going through the motions in my relationship with God. Maybe I've gotten a little too comfortable or used to my routine, or maybe I've simply not been putting as much effort into my relationship with the Lord.

And when that happens, I've learned that I have to, very first, come to the Lord and be honest about how I've been feeling. We serve a big God, one who is big enough to take any and all of our emotions. So I lay down those feelings of being bored or distant or going through the motions or whatever it may be, and then I have a decision to make. I can either continue on, without changing anything or actively working on it, or, I can make a shift in my routine and mindset.

I've found that I feel way better and positive progress happens if I am intentional about making a shift in my routine or mindset.

This can be as simple as changing the way I take notes or switching up what chapter of the Bible I'm reading from (in fact, that's usually what it looks like). Sometimes it looks like incorporating some new resources or adding in a new devotional. No matter what it is, these little changes make the biggest difference in the way I approach my time with Jesus. It helps my routine feel refreshed and makes me feel excited, once again, to dive into Scripture. And all it takes is a little bit of "shaking up".

So, this time around, I'm switching a few things up.

First off, I'm starting a whole new chapter of the Bible! After concluding 2 Samuel, I've decided to jump into 1 John (and I'll continue going through 2 and 3 John before moving onto a different section of the Bible). I tried for a very long time to go straight through the Bible, but I've learned that I stay focused and excited for longer if I bounce between the Old Testament and New Testament a little bit, so that's what I've been doing, and I love it. It creates more variety, and I need that.

So do not ever feel stuck in a particular plan or routine. Feel free to switch up your Bible study in whatever way you need to, and enjoy it! Like I've mentioned in other posts, our Bible study is not meant for strict routines and "must get done", but it's meant for communion and connection with our Father, and you can't find that in rigid plans.

Secondly, I'm starting journaling through Psalms! A little while ago, I read a Psalms a day, every morning, and I loved it. It was the perfect way for me to kick start my day with the perfect amount of encouragement I needed. Now, I'm adding that in with a twist. On the days I study a Psalm (which is about every other day, but could be more or less), I want to journal along with it. This isn't going to be the same as the standard type of notes I take for my "normal" study, but instead be more of a flow of the thoughts and emotions that come up while I read it. So far, this has really just helped me connect with Scripture more as I read it, and it makes studying it so much more vivid and personal.

Taking notes does not have to be strict and rigid. As you do your Bible study, feel free to write as little or as much as you want (and it's okay if that varies from day to day!) - the biggest thing is that you are engaging and understanding what you are learning in Scripture. I would really challenge you to discover whatever "method" of notetaking or studying that helps you dive into the Bible and process through it.

Third, I'm re-adding in devotionals! I was gifted two incredible devotionals for Christmas, and I was loving them, but I ended up getting swept up in my study of the Old Testament and took a break from completing them for a bit. Now, I'm super excited to make space to start doing those devos again and using those resources to guide me as I continue to meditate on Scripture and walk through all that life throws at me.

These are three really different ways that I'm changing up my Bible study, and it is my prayer that I was able to encourage you a little bit, or maybe give you some inspiration for how to switch up your Bible study next. :)


You guys, I am hyped about spending time with Jesus! If this post leaves you walking away with nothing except for one thing, I want you to know that it is perfectly okay for your Bible study to look different on different days or during different seasons, and it does not need to look like anyone else's. Never, ever put pressure on yourself to fit into the mold of someone else's routine or relationship with God, because you aren't them!

A little friend to friend check in: how's your Bible study going? What are you loving? What are you struggling with? What are you learning? Let me know in the comments down below; I'd love to hear from you!


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