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Here's What We're Praising God For

I recently hit a point when I was prepping blog content that I genuinely had no idea what to write about. My heart has felt heavy, and there's only so much about that you can write! But the Lord put an idea in my mind that I am so excited about, and it lit a spark inside of me. I've actually wanted to do a post like this for a while but never got around to it, so this is one that I've spent a lot of time thinking and praying about.

We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the chaos of life and overwhelmed by the struggle we're walking through. I've found myself in this place, and it's honestly just sad. But on the daily the Lord is reminding me how important it is to step back and just thank Him for the smallest things, because those little seeds of gratitude can make the biggest difference in your faith and the joy in your heart. And today, that's what we're working on. Together.

I reached out to some of my friends and family members, and together, we're talking about what we're praising God for. From the smallest things to the biggest miracles, we're sharing how God is evident in our lives, and we're encouraging each other to look for those things, too. And it's my prayer that through this post you would be inspired to sit back and reflect on what you're thanking the Lord for, and hopefully begin that conversation with your community as well. :)

Also - thank you to each and every person who responded to my message and shared what you're thanking God for! It truly meant so much to me to have that conversation, and I was so blessed by it. And I already know that your story is going to impact someone else reading this too.


"I'm really thanking God for the people He has put into my life that have changed my life and brought me closer to Him because without them, I would be so lost right now."

"I'm thanking God for giving me the ability to be able to do sports, go to school, have a roof over my head, have the friends and family that love me and care for me, and being able to do things that some people can't do. [I'm thankful for] being able to have a relationship with Him and the right people in my life. After getting out of a dark place that I didn't even believe in Him, I was losing faith slowly every single day and after giving Him one last shot He saved me and brought me back up from the storm that I was going through."

"In the season I'm in, I'm thanking God for my relationships and friendships and how He's brought people into my life that He knew I needed - and at the same time (even though it was hard), He took people out that weren't bringing me closer to Him."

"Lately I have been sooo grateful for God giving me the ability and opportunity to play the level of softball that I do. He is the one who provides me with the strength - physically and mentally - to play the very best I can."

"I am thanking God a lot lately for my relationships and everyone I'm close with right now. A couple that stand out are definitely my grandpa, and how well he's been doing lately compared to a few months ago. And Jayden and his family. [Jayden is the boyfriend haha.] They're always so supportive when I feel like I don't have that support from anyone else. God is so so good at showing me to be grateful, and lucky I truly am lately."

"For years and years I searched for love in the wrong places....with the wrong boys.

And after hundreds of heartbreaks I finally leaned into God and realized He was the only thing that could ever fulfill me. A few months after that....I met my now husband!"

"I thank God every day for my family and for our families health. I actually have a whole litany of things that I thank Him for regarding our health and the day to day He has blessed me with. I went to church this evening, and I thanked Him for allowing me to be there and worship Him. This is small, but I am extremely grateful."

"I’m thankful for His grace! I wear a lot of hats - mom, wife, friend, photographer, daughter, sister, etc… and I just don’t have the capacity to be 100% in all of those areas all of the time. His grace is more than enough to help me face any trial or temptation. His grace is my strength and I so desperately need it!! There’s nothing I could ever do to earn it and I think that makes it even more special."

"Currently I’m thanking God for my family and for all the opportunities He has guided into my life. He has introduced me to a number of events and things I've participated in, which is such a blessing a lot of people don’t get. He has brought so many things into my life because He knows I thrive off of it and Him putting so much on top of me has taught me a lot about my limits and I just have learned a lot about myself through Him. Also my family - I’m so blessed to have the parents I do; many people nowadays don’t have access to 2 loving parents that provide me with everything no questions asked."

"I’m thanking Him for being able to go before all of my worries and being powerful enough to handle the universe. And I’m thankful for other believers encouraging me in my walk."

"I have spent quite a bit of time reflecting, and I am so grateful for the change that the Holy Spirit has done in my life.  It has been so subtle, that often in the moment I didn’t realize that an actual change was taking place. I am grateful that I have been obedient to the Lord’s prompting and that He continually is at work in me.  I am thankful that I am not the same person that I once was."

And for me, I'm thanking God for the ability to run again. If you've followed along on my journey at all, you know that my high school running career has consisted of a lot of injuries, but it's been a blessing to be healed once again and start doing the sport I love. I always forget how much I miss my lungs burning and legs aching, so it's been fun to jump back in and enjoy it. It's so therapeutic for me, and I'm smiling just thinking about it!


Worship is a weapon, friends, and that's what the Lord is teaching me throughout this post. With every response that came in, my heart surged with gratitude and joy, and I was in awe to hear the way that the Lord was blessing my people. He is good, and He is faithful, and He is working in ways that we don't always realize! I didn't know the impact that writing this post would have on me, but I genuinely felt some of the walls of discouragement in my heart begin crumbling. I had forgotten the impact of gratitude, but man, it is mighty.

Honestly, spending time working on this post and hearing what other people are praising God for was so uplifting. Because even when I struggle to see it in my own life, God is alive and active, and He is working in mighty ways - and these testimonies are proof of that! I challenge you to keep the conversation going and ask people in your life what they're thanking God for, and you never know how that might actually be such a blessing to you. Let me know down in the comments what you're praising God for, and let's glorify Him together!


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