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My Favorite Christian Girl Blogs + YouTube Channels

Being a Christian blogger myself, I've been inspired and encouraged by so many other amazing Christian girls. As much as I want Run the Race to be successful and grow, it's more important to me that Jesus' name is proclaimed - whether it be by me or someone else on the internet.

All of these girls I'm mentioning today have taught me so much and helped me grow in my faith. They have such incredible wisdom and sweet faith, and I admire them all greatly. Each and every one of them strive to glorify God in all of their content, whether it be their writings or videos. I pray that you will be encouraged by them and be inspired by their love for Christ!

(Also, I'm not ranking these girls. I love them all and they all have a unique talent for sharing the word of God!)

1. Kaci Nicole

Not only is Kaci Nicole's blog absolutely stunning and aesthetic, her heart for the Lord is even more beautiful. Her wisdom and encouragement is invaluable. I love her advice about relationships, Christian gifts/resources, and practical ways to live as a Christian in everyday life. She also writes about her travels, which is super fun to read - not to mention she is an incredible photographer so all of her pictures are amazing.

Kaci also has a YouTube channel! Here you get a little more of a glimpse into her real life (spoiler alert: she's currently pregnant!). Her Bible study videos are so encouraging and convicting - it's like one of your best friends is talking to you about Jesus, and it's so uplifting.

2. Tizzie's Tidbits of Truth

Grace McCready (otherwise known as Tizzie) is an author, speaker, and blogger, and her words are so powerful! Her blog posts are short and sweet, but so empowering. A lot of Grace's posts are geared towards the single girl - and shares the much needed truth that no guy can fulfill you (only Jesus can!). She's very honest about things most people aren't comfortable talking about, such as her eating disorder, sex, body image, and friendships. Some of her posts also bring secular music into the light - and how they often feed our souls the wrong message.

Her posts are perfect for the teenage girl looking for some real, authentic Christian advice. Grace's blog is real and raw, and that's something that I desire my blog to be as well. And although I haven't yet read her book, "Real Recovery: What Eating Discovery Recovery Actually Looks Like", I'm confident that it's filled with the Gospel truth that all girls need to hear, but especially those struggling with an eating disorder.

3. Lies Young Women Believe

I absolutely love the Lies Young Women Believe (LYWB) blog! The last post they published was letting readers know that they were taking a break, but they have years of perspective-altering, heart-changing Christian truth stored up for us to

read. They have thousands of posts in a variety of topics that will truly speak to any teenage girl. LYWB is such an incredible resource for any questions or uncertainty you may have about being a Christian girl. From dating, sin, friendships, emotions, and more, the girls behind LYWB give such embolding advice.

They also have a book! I have read this book and I truly love all the wisdom that they pack into the book. It's not quite as extensive as the blog, but even after reading it the first time, I'm still referring back to it for advice in the situations that I'm working through.

Book: Lies Young Women Believe: And the Truth that Sets Them Free

4. Celest Rayanne

I love and admire Celest from the bottom of my heart! Her YouTube channel is geared more towards young moms now that she's had her son, but I still love her content. She's a great example of making time for the Lord in the midst of a busy schedule and incorporating worship and prayer into everyday life. If you go back a little ways, you'll find Celest's Faith Friday videos - one of my favorites! While she doesn't post Faith Fridays regularly anymore, the ones that she has posted are so encouraging and filled with life-giving truth. It's real and relatable, almost from a big sister point of view, and I love that.

Her house is beautiful, and if you're interested in thrifting, clean eating, or using environmentally safe products, then Celest is a great influencer for you too! Her content generally isn't solely based on those topics, but it is incorporated into her daily vlogs.

5. Tori and Chad Masters

I know, I know. This isn't solely a Christian girl YouTube channel, but I love it nonetheless. Tori and Chad are so encouraging and they upload Christ-centered content, mainly geared towards relationships. They are very honest and real about everything they discuss, such as their pregnancy journey, sex, purity, and all things Christian relationships. In their current stage of life, they often post content about Tori's pregnancy and their new house, but nearly all of it has a Christian spin on it - and every video ends with an inspiring Christian message, which I love. I also love their Q&A videos because the relaxed conversational videos offer wisdom while feeling like you're talking to your mentors or best friends. Regardless of which style of video you watch, they all are lighthearted and humorous, and they often bring a smile to my face (not to mention that they restore my faith in the male species - not all guys are terrible, and Chad is an incredible example of a godly guy).

While I haven't listened to it yet, the Masters also have a podcast and I can't wait to check it out myself!


Man, going through all these incredible girls' content again makes me want to binge all the videos and posts that I haven't seen or read yet! I pray that their content encourages and convicts you as much as it has encouraged and convicted me. I hope that this post reminds you of the importance of God's word being spread, no matter who spreads it. We're all a part of the kingdom of God, and we're all working to make His name known! Let me know in the comments below if you are familiar with any of these girls! Or, if you have any suggestions of other YouTubers or bloggers to check out, drop that in the comments down below as well!

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20 באוק׳ 2022

Thank you so much for sharing these! You should do one on podcasts also as I’m also looking for a good podcast! 😀

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