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Why I Keep Running + what might help you push through a lack of motivation

Summer running starts now and I was not thrilled about it at first. Summer running kicks off almost 5 straight months of hard workouts, sweaty runs, and basically death for a long time. I talk a lot about how much I love running, the runner's high, but as I was looking over our first week of workouts (even though it wasn't super hard), I was dreading it.

And then I stepped back and realized that this is a new beginning, a fresh start.

I haven't ran one season without pain. Middle school cross country was just awful; I couldn't breathe and my endurance was basically nothing. And once I got to high school, voila, incurable "shin splints" that was actually exercise induced compartmental syndrome (it's not as fancy as it sounds) and resulted in surgery that took my track season.

But now, I have real hope of no pain.

For real.

You guys, this is huge for me. I genuinely cannot remember a run before my surgery that had no pain. My shins killed me, constantly, especially during the season. And now, this is my chance. This is my shot to run hard and fast, to really push my body past its limits and see how far I can go. And I'm so excited. I want to shock the world, to shock myself.

Running really is a beautiful thing. It's hard, but it's an incredible way to see all that your body is capable of. It makes you strong, mentally and physically. It bonds you with your teammates. It's my prayer and processing time, and honestly such a therapy as my feet pound the pavement, releasing all the anger and stress and hurt my heart holds onto. It's hard, and usually feels like death, but the feeling of pride and accomplishment after you finish something you didn't think you could do is indescribable. The runner's high is real too, y'all, and there's nothing like it.

But on the days running doesn't feel so beautiful, and I feel like laying on the sidewalk and dying in the middle of my run, I'm going to remember the months and months when I couldn't run. When my coaches cut back my training, and eventually, the doctors said no running at all, and all I could do was watch my teammates (which I did love, btw). I'm going to remember how much I craved being able to run, for my legs to get sore and my lungs to burn. I'm going to remember how much I missed the long runs, where my music blared in my ears and I tuned the whole world out for an hour. I'm going to remember how much I missed the hard runs, where I ran as fast and as hard as I could, giving the workout everything I got.

I'm going to remember not to take for granted what I have, because you never know when it could be taken away.

I don't know what you're dreading to do. Whether it's work, school, a workout, or something else, it might really stink. It might feel like death. But don't forget the joy in it. Don't forget that you might, one day, be wishing you could be right back here, doing the thing you're currently dreading. Don't forget that your burden might be someone's blessings. Don't forget to appreciate and enjoy and live up every moment, every task, every responsibility, because you don't want to look back and realize you missed all the beautiful things and took it all for granted as you were too busy being cranky and dreading it.

And that, my friends, is what keeps me going.


So, there ya have it! Summer running has begun, and I really am excited. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for this season (hopefully some major PRs, haha) and to walk alongside my team as we push through and work hard. I'm so grateful for my ability to run again, and it is my prayer that you wouldn't forget to stay grateful for the little things too, whatever you're dreading, because it all really is a blessing.

(PS: I've gotten a few workouts under my belt and I want to keep it real for y'all. It's been really, really hard. I've had some other sources of pain other than my shins, and it's been really difficult to push through mentally. But as I'm rereading this post, again, I'm reminded of how much of a blessing it is that I can even run, and I never want to forget that. This is your reminder that it may be hard, and it may really, really stink, but let's keep our eyes on the bigger picture and all the reasons why we should be thankful.)

(PSS: It's okay that it's hard, and it's okay to dread it. Be in that for a minute, and then pick yourself back up. Attitude changes everything.)

What helps you get through something that you're really dreading? I'd love to hear down in the comments below!


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