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10 Ways to Meet with Jesus During Your Morning Routine

The number one prayer request in my small group is consistency. Life is so busy, and it's easy to get out of the habit of reading Scripture and meeting Jesus every single day. It's a very real and valid struggle, but it's one that I'm passionate about. I've had a consistent time with the Lord for years, and I know the impact it makes, because one day off can leave space in my heart for bitterness, selfishness, and doubt. I know that I am a better person the more regularly that I can get in the Father's presence, and it always brings me so much more peace than if I hadn't, and I want that for you too.

So today, I'm creating a list of 10 ways for you to meet with Jesus during your morning routine. These are simple, practical things to start implementing tomorrow, and most things shouldn't take very long or too much effort. But whatever it looks like for you, do it. Stop making excuses and don't neglect it. Get in the Word, get praying, and spend time with Jesus. It's absolutely vital if you want to grow in your faith - it doesn't have to be complicated or aesthetic, but it does have to get done.

1.Wake up earlier.

Sometimes it just comes down to making time for Jesus. On days that I know I'll be out during my regularly programmed Bible study, I wake up early so that I make sure to do it first thing. Is waking up at 5 fun? Not really. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Whether you have to get up 45 minutes early to do your Bible study or 10 minutes early to read a Psalm and pray before you get out of bed, do it. It's worth it, and it makes the biggest difference in your attitude and mindset going into the rest of the day.

2. Read a Psalm or Proverbs before you leave.

This is so easy, you guys, but can shift your whole day. On the days I'm not getting up at 5 am for a whole Bible study, I make sure to read a Psalm before I leave. It's fast, but it's the perfect thing to slow my heart and refocus me on Jesus. The Psalms are so easy to read and relatable, and I leave reminded of the Lord's goodness and inspired to worship. Proverbs is also another really great book to read when you're looking for wisdom and will help you walk away reminded of what living a godly life looks like. This will probably take less than five minutes, but if you do it intentionally, you will notice a difference.

3. Listen to Scripture as you get ready.

The Bible app has an awesome feature where it will read the Bible to you, and there are countless podcasts that will do the same. Not only is this great for auditory learners who don't enjoy sitting down to read, it's also just great for all of us who are busy in the mornings but still want to get in the Word. Have the Bible be read aloud to you while you're in the shower, doing your hair, or putting on your makeup. Let your heart soak it all up, and this little thing will set your mind on the things above.

4. Have a worship playlist going.

Again, this small thing while you're getting ready can shift your attitude completely. Fill your mind with grateful, joyful thoughts first thing, and that heart posture will continue throughout the rest of the day. Even if you only listen to it while you're driving to school, I promise, it matters. I love to sing along on my way to school, and it makes me smile, because even if I'm not particularly looking forward to the day, there's joy in getting to walk in with Jesus and be reminded of the many little blessings He's covering me in.

5. Spend five minutes in prayer.

Set aside five short minutes and just pray. Be still - don't do anything else to get ready - but just sit and be with God. Even if you can't do five, do two or three, and talk with Jesus before you talk to anyone else. If you get to school early, pray while you're sitting in your car instead of scrolling on your phone, or find a quiet place in the locker room to just be with the Lord. Surrender your day and invite Him into it, and I promise, you will start seeing Him in the little things.

6. Write down 5-10 things that you're grateful for.

An attitude of gratitude is the best way to start your day, and it might just be the cure for a grumpy morning mindset. As I get out of bed, I try to thank the Lord for a couple of things, but I get easily distracted and sometimes just float through that. Taking a few moments to write down a few "Thank You Lord for...." statements (even on a sticky note) can really reset your mind onto the blessings you're walking in. Even if they aren't physical things, taking a moment to appreciate the character of God will start your day off right.

7. Speak biblical affirmations over yourself.

I need to get back in the habit of this, but we have to be intentional about filling our mind with truth before we leave and are surrounded by the world. The devil wants to sneak into our mind and plant seeds of lies and doubts, so we have to start off our day with the truth. I have a list written by my mirror of lies that I believe, three truths to counteract each lie, and Scripture to go with each of those truths. There was a point where every morning, I would speak the truth out loud over myself, and it helped transform the way I saw my identity and worth. Before we even start the day, let's ground our mind in who JESUS says we are, and walk in confidence in it throughout everything that we do.

8. Text a group chat prayer requests, Scripture, or what you're thankful for.

Accountability is so important, and if you're struggling with consistently showing up and meeting with Jesus, then do it with your friend group! Every morning, text each other what you're praying for, what Scripture you're reading, or what you're grateful for. You can then make sure that each of you are fixing your eyes on Jesus first thing, and encourage each other with what you're learning and trusting the Lord with. And, it will really help strengthen your friend group on the foundation of Jesus.

9. Pick a Bible plan from the Bible app.

This is another super easy way to spend time with the Lord, set your mind on things above, and get into the word. There are countless Bible plans to choose from, with varying lengths to fit your schedule, but no matter what you choose, there's truths and Scripture to refocus you and start your day with Jesus. It probably will take you less than five minutes, but the time with the Lord is so worth it and you'll see the change in your heart.

10. Journal.

I love words, and so journaling has always been a really special way for me to connect with the Lord and give Him everything on my heart. Sometimes in the early morning hours, especially when I'm feeling really anxious or overwhelmed, I'll journal my prayers and anything that I feel the Lord is speaking to me. Of course, I love being able to look back on this and be encouraged by it, but in the moment, it's a great way to process things with Jesus and surrender whatever I'm holding onto.


It is so, so, so important that we make time to get in the Word and spend time with Jesus every day, and the morning is a great time to do that. If we want our lives to be centered on Jesus, and if we want our hearts to become more like Him, then it starts with the small things of meeting Him in the quiet, early morning places and inviting Him into our day. It doesn't have to be complicated or super in-depth, but even taking a few minutes to pray, read (or listen to) Scripture, and praise the Lord will make the biggest difference in your attitude and heart for the rest of the day!

How are you meeting with Jesus in the middle of your morning routine? Let me know down in the comments below!


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