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Last Friday, June 28th, marked the 2 YEAR blogiversary of Run the Race. 2 years feels insane to me, and I cannot believe that the Lord has opened up this door for me and created something that I had imagined for so long. I love to tell the story of how little me laid in bed at night dreaming about one day having a blog, a space to share all of the words bouncing around in my head that I was itching to get out. This blog is a blessing, and when I'm struggling in my faith, my commitment to posting keeps me pushing through every rut.

It was my prayer from the beginning that just one person would be impacted by my words, and I hope that's the case, but even if no one else has been, I know that God has changed my life through Run the Race. This blog is a literal documentation of my faith journey over the past two years, and man, how God is so evident and faithful and kind. There have been many, many nights where I have sat down to write a blog post and the Holy Spirit just absolutely pours out of me in the most incredible way. And when I go back to reread what my fingers just rapidly typed, tears fill my eyes because it was exactly what I needed in that moment. The blog has been healing and safe and a gift in so many ways.

I would be lying, though, if I said that my writing journey had been all rainbows and butterflies. For the past months, writing has been hard. The words aren't quite flowing the way that they used to, and I'm lacking passion and inspiration, for a multitude of reasons. And I've had to wrestle with the dreams for the blog that just haven't come true. I'm continually praying about where the Lord wants to lead me and Run the Race, but I also just want to take a moment and sit in what He has already done right now, and it's incredible. 2 years is quite the accomplishment, and I owe it all to Him for letting me use the words He has placed on my heart.

Whether you've been here since the beginning or you're pretty new, I just want to re-emphasize how kind our Father is. Every post has been covered in His grace and wisdom, but that also means that every season of my life has been covered in His grace and wisdom as well. I've walked through heartbreak and injuries and disappointment and loneliness and doubt, and I've shared it all on RTR. Even though not all of those seasons are concluded or solved, it's so evident that God is alive and active and working in it all. Even when it feels like you're stuck, that God is so far and you're never going to move past this, you will, and these past two years of blogging have told countless stories and testimonies of that.

Thank you to each and every person who has supported and encouraged me throughout the past two years. I am so thankful for you and I pray that I would be able to serve you as much as possible with the gifts and platform that God has given me.


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