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A Reminder of How Beautiful Life is With The Lord

This past year has been so full of healing, growth, and learning, unlike any other time in my life. There's been plenty of heartbreak and struggle, that's for sure, but as I reflect on this season, I am in awe of what God is doing and teaching me. I'm amazed at who He's creating me to be and what He's doing in my life, and although I could never fit all of that into a single blog post, I want to highlight two of the biggest things.

First and foremost, is life not the most beautiful, incredible thing?! We are breathing the air God specifically placed in our lungs, and He put us in this place for a purpose. He is working behind the scenes of our lives, and as we slowly turn the pages and chapters of our story, His faithfulness is only continuing to unfold. We are feeling and experiencing and journeying, and we get to do that with the creator of the universe? Wow. Life is beautiful.

And not only that - but have you noticed the sunrise or sunset lately? Have you noticed how it feels to be hugged, intentionally, filled with "I love yous" and "I'm here for yous"? Have you heard a song recently and realized "that's my vibe", and continue to have a mini dance party to that new favorite song? Have you anticipated your favorite meal? Have you laughed so hard that your face hurt? Have you gone to bed satisfied, because God answered a small prayer and met a need that day? Have you stepped back from a moment and wished you could pause time, because it was simply so special? Have you had a real, vulnerable conversation with someone and walked away a better version of yourself?

Life is beautiful, y'all, and these are just a few of the blessings we get to experience as we walk on this earth. I know I say it so much, but I simply cannot get over it.

I also cannot get over how much time I waste, how many of these small beautiful things, that I miss because I'm comparing myself, allowing my emotions to be dictated by someone else's decisions, or focusing too much on the past or the unknowns of the future. I am missing what is right in front of me, too often, because I'm allowing my heart and my mind to be easily swayed by the world instead of rooted and grounded in the miracle of this life God has given me.

I don't know about you, but I never, ever want to lose sight of how beautiful this life is, filled with miracles and blessings and small wonders and gifts.

I'm also learning that I am a whole, complete, vibrant person.

So often in our culture, it's easy to feel pressure to think that you'll have made it or be fully complete or the best version of yourself once you've achieved something. Maybe it's a significant other, a job, a house, a family, etc. I don't know, but God's really teaching me to appreciate that it is HIM and Him alone that completes me. I am fully me, right now, and I'm not waiting for anyone or anything else to fill me or complete me.

Y'all, the time is now. This is the day the Lord has made. This is who God has created us to be. Slow down, notice it, appreciate it, and let His love and light glow through you, because dang, this is a beautiful place to be.

My life isn't always easy, but it is a blessing. Not everything always goes my way, but the Lord is always on my side, and that is way more than I deserve. So I am going to choose to focus on the beauty and blessing and wonder that He has filled every day to the brim with. I'm going to choose to believe that God is continuing to mold me into the person he has designed me to be; that I am enough because of His blood, no matter what anyone else says or believes. I'm going to choose to be grateful for each and every moment the Lord gives me, each and every gift, each and every lesson, because He is beyond good and He deserves every ounce of my praise. I'm going to cherish this season, because we all know life moves way too fast, and there is so much to soak up right now, because I'm never going to get these days back.


I drafted this post a while ago, and had never published it. Ironically, I stumbled back across it when I wasn't feeling the most grateful, vibrant, or joyful, and it honestly really encouraged me. I wrote this when I was on such a mountaintop, and even though I'm not quite on that "high" anymore, I get to choose to have this same joy and love for life that I did then. I get to choose to enjoy the little things, admire creation, and appreciate the millions of blessings God sprinkles throughout my day. Our circumstances do not get to dictate our joy; the goodness of God does, and He is always good.

In this season, what are you grateful for? What little blessings have God made you extra aware of lately? Let me know down in the comments below - let's remind each other of the many things we can praise God for! would mean the world to me if you would check out Run the Race on Pinterest! You can find that here. Follow me for a little extra encouragement, inspired by my blog posts. I'm so grateful for you!



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