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How Prayer Has Changed My Life + what I'm learning when I pray on my knees

When I was younger, and I would read Old Testament stories, it was not uncommon for the people I was reading about to literally fall face down before the Lord. Everyone prayed on their knees, and it honestly seemed so bizarre to me. This way of praying seemed so extra to me, so unnecessary, until I found myself doing the same thing too.

Now, I don't actually see the glory of God and fall flat on my face. But as I've been investing more time into prayer, as I've been working on being more intentional listening to the voice of God speak to my heart, I've genuinely felt so humbled. I get to hear the God of the universe and what He is leading me to do, and that is priceless, friends. Who am I, that I would get to experience His presence and guidance? Who am I?

So as I settle in this truth, I find myself kneeling on the ground, at the feet of Jesus (not literally in front of Him, I wish, but you know what I mean). I find myself on my knees, praying, "Your will, not mine" and submitting to whatever He's saying. It's such a vulnerable place to be in, but it's such an intimate experience with the Lord, to be in that place of surrender and humility. It's so raw to realize how small and imperfect we are in front of this big, flawless God we serve. And when I'm in that place, I feel as if there's nothing else to do but get on my knees, bowed down before the King of kings and Lord of lords.

When I'm on my knees in prayer, I'm vastly aware of how perfect and loving and intentional our God is. I realize His power and might yet gentle touch in my life. I'm overwhelmed by His glory and how He chooses me, how He works in me, and how He calls me His dearly beloved. I see so clearly how unworthy I am, but I also see that by His blood, He declares that I am clean and worthy and anointed.

I also begin to understand how powerful prayer truly is.

Prayer is a conversation with the divine, with the God of the universe, the creator of everything we are and everything we interact with. Prayer is humbling ourselves and having intense healing and heart work take place, things that only God Himself could do, because I know I can't make these miracles happen on my own. Prayer is allowing the Father to open my eyes to the world around me so that I may have the privilege of seeing the people and opportunities that are in my path as He sees them. Prayer is surrendering our ideas of what should happen and being open to hear and receive the guidance and wisdom the Lord wants to lead us with. Prayer is intimate and vulnerable, but so necessary, because it is then, and only then that the Lord breaks down the lies and the walls that we have built up in our hearts for so long and opens us up to the freedom and joy that He so desperately wants us to enjoy.

Prayer changes everything. It is crucial to our faith, to our spiritual and overall health, and to understanding who God is on a deeper level. It brings clarity and confirmation that simply cannot be found anywhere else. It provides peace and joy unlike any other, because when we pray, we allow God to take control and begin to see the promises He has given us unfold. Prayer is humbling, healing, and character shaping.

You may be thinking, "Well, that sounds great Ellie, but I don't know how to pray. Or, even when I do pray, it feels like nothing is happening." I understand! You are not alone in this feeling.

If you aren't sure how to pray or where to begin - think of it like talking to a friend. God doesn't want our fancy words or rehearsed speeches, He wants our heart. Find a quiet space, with no distractions, and simply start talking to Jesus. Tell Him about what's going on in your life right now, what you're struggling with, and what you're thankful for. You can pray out loud, in your head, or even journal it out. Don't forget to create space to listen and be open to what the Lord wants to share with you. Prayer is a two way conversation, and God does want to speak to you, if you'll listen.

If you feel like nothing happens when you pray, or you don't know how to hear if God is speaking to you - I would encourage you to slow down and take a deep breath. There's no right or wrong way to pray, and there's not a clear set of guidelines to know if you're hearing God's voice. Just be intentional about quieting your mind and your heart, and ask the Lord to speak to you in a way that you will be able to, without a doubt, know it was Him. It may not happen in that exact moment, but as you are consistently in prayer and creating space to listen, God will work in you and He will show up. He promises us that.


The more I'm being intentional about talking to the Lord, the more it's changing my life. I truly feel so much more free, so much more joy, because when I am in the presence of God, I find abundant life. It is my prayer and heart's desire that I would be able to encourage you guys to experience this same thing in communion with God.

How is your prayer life going? Is there anything that is particularly challenging for you, or something that God has been teaching you lately? How can I encourage you or guide you on the topic of prayer? I'd love to hear down in the comments below!



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