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"In the Name of Jesus" + how everything changes through Him

When I race, I've started a little mantra that keeps me going and gives me strength. It's kind of been a game changer for me and my mental strength, because somehow, it releases any stress or anxiety I have and helps me push through all the pain and hard emotions I'm feeling.

In my head I'll say, "in the name of", and then I'll fingerspell "Jesus".

(Fingerspelling is one of the most basic things I learned in ASL, if you guys aren't familiar with that.)

It may sound simple, but it's a beautiful reminder. It reminds me why I run and how I run - I run to glorify the Lord, and I honestly could not be running if it wasn't for Him (literally...I don't know how my legs have lasted this long).

Because I'm a deep thinker, I've started contemplating why this matters. Why running for Jesus matters. Why it makes such a big difference in my mindset.

When we do things with Jesus and for Jesus, transformation happens. We experience an unexplainable peace and strength that the world can't provide. We draw closer to the Lord and that gives us the ability to love others as He calls us to. Our mindset is shifted from ourselves to Jesus, and the lies that Satan tries to preach to us get destroyed by the presence of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, lives are changed.

In the name of Jesus, hearts are softened.

In the name of Jesus, Satan is defeated.

In the name of Jesus, we are set free.

In the name of Jesus, love conquers hate.

In the name of Jesus, there is peace in the middle of the storm.

In the name of Jesus, we have all that we need.

When we walk through life with Jesus, in His strength, and for Him, everything changes. Our perspective, our limits, our priorities, our joy.

Now that I've realized it's all in the name of Jesus, my race strategy has changed. My time and my place don't matter as much, it doesn't consume me, because I'm just out there to glorify Jesus. I'm out there to give it my all, enjoy every step, and cheer on my teammates. And more than my race strategy has changed - my life strategy has changed too. The way that I see my schoolwork, my grades, my family and friends, the hardships of this world; it's all transformed.

It's all for Jesus.

In everything that I do, in everything that I'm apart of and everything that I experience, it's all for the glory of the Lord. It's all to spread His love and His light. It's all an opportunity for me to seek Jesus and to look more like Him.

How do we do it all in the name of Jesus? It's as simple as inviting Him into your day and whatever you're doing. It's as simple as giving whatever you're doing to Jesus with open hands and surrendering all you are to Him. All that takes is a prayer.


It's important for me to note that saying the name of Jesus or doing it all in the name of Jesus doesn't usually change the outside circumstances. Even if I'm racing in the name of Jesus, chances are I'm not going to run any faster that I usually would. Doing it all in the name of Jesus won't change my grades, the way people treat me, or the condition of the world. But, the name of Jesus changes our heart because Jesus changes our heart.

Saying a few words won't change anything, but the drawing near to the Lord and the surrender to Him? That's what changes everything.

Saying or thinking "in the name of Jesus" won't do anything without the heart posture of hands open wide towards heaven. It's the laying everything down before God and inviting Him to take over that really changes everything.


All in the name of Jesus.

Everything for Him and through Him.

Jesus changes everything. Walking in His strength and for His glory is a life-altering perspective, and it's something I never want to stop walking in and learning about.

What does it mean for you to live in the name of Jesus? How has your life changed from adapting to this mindset? I'd love to hear your story in the comments below. Or, if you have any prayer requests, please drop them in the comments as well and I'd be honored to join in prayer with you.



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