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Life Changing Letters - how giving + receiving letters has impacted my life

My life has been changed by writing and receiving letters, and in more ways than one.

That might sound weird to you, but to me, handwritten letters hold a really big piece of my heart. Actually, a really big way that I give and receive love is through letters.

Back in middle school, when I went through a really dark time in my life (read about it here if you want to know more!), I cried out for help through a letter, written to my best friend at the time. I felt oddly comfortable talking about my depression and anxiety with her, and for some reason, I decided to write her a letter pouring out my burdens. And strangely, she responded with another letter.

We wrote letters back and forth for about a year, and those letters brought me so much hope. In that time of dark depression, her words of hope and Gospel truth was a light to me. I'd read the letters over and over again, tears streaming down my face because she got it, and she brought me back to Jesus. I would write her back, sobbing because the only way I could express my pain was through that piece of paper and pen. It was the only way I could somewhat work through and process how badly I was suffering - and almost completely alone.

I honestly, wholeheartedly know that God used her and her letters to bring me out of that pit. And to this day, I have a box of the letters she's written to me, and on the especially bad days, I pull them out and am continually encouraged by her words.

That's just one way, though.

I also honestly, wholeheartedly believe that God has used my letters to encourage other people. This is not me bragging, or trying to call attention to myself - it's me calling attention to the amazing ways God can use our words.

I've written countless letters; to my family members, to my friends, to my boyfriend, to my coaches, to my teachers and to strangers. It's simply the best way I know how to express my love for these people and speak truth over their lives.

I won't speak on behalf of the people I've written letters to, but I do know that my words have power. Your words have power, too. And when we write in the name of Jesus, with passion flowing through our fingers, God does incredible things. Even if we never know who finds the letter, the name of Jesus has been proclaimed, y'all, and you were apart of that. When we write in the name of Jesus, we are vessels for God's love and that love is shown to someone else. That might be someone's first experience hearing about God, and you helped plant the seed.

Many of the letters I've written have been to complete strangers. Some of them go in random lockers in the locker room, others go in random books in the library. I don't know if any of them have been found or if they meant anything to the person who found them. But I know that through those words, God has taught me how to let Him speak through me. I know that through those words, God has given me a tiny, tiny glimpse of how He wants to use me. I know that through those words, God has started humbling me enough to prioritize time and energy into someone I don't even know, to something I don't even know will result in anything other than the trash can.

You see, as I write letters, they may or may not have an impact on the people who read them. If they do - praise Jesus! If they don't - they make an impact on me. With every letter I write, God is working on my heart, and boy, do I need Him to keep working on my heart.

I know that God is doing big things in me, and hopefully through me, by my giving and receiving letters. And I know that He will do the same thing, in you and through you.

If you want to start writing letters, or at least explore the possibility of it, start small. Start with simple notes to your besties or drop them in mailboxes around your neighborhood. I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I was to be able to receive such amazing encouragement through letters, but I am confident that we all can experience the blessing of giving letters. I am confident that if you lay it down before the Lord, and allow Him to be a part of it, He will work in and through you as you write letters, and maybe as you receive some too.

Letters have changed my life. They've encouraged me, challenged me, and brought me hope. They've humbled me and taught me more about myself than I could ever imagine. But that can only happen when God is apart of it. It doesn't matter how eloquent my letters sound or how many I receive from someone else - all that matters is that God has been working and apart of each letter. And praise God that it's not all about me.


Y'all, I pray that this post has encouraged you as much as it has encouraged me! I am reminded again and again that God is good and that He is working in mighty ways. And that gets me fired up! It would mean the world to me if you would comment down below and let me know how God is working in your life right now! Or, let me know if you've been touched by letters as much as I have. And as always, please drop prayer requests down in the comments as well, and I will be praying for you!


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