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The BEST Online Bible Study Resources

I've been doing an extensive Bible study for a few years now (not to brag, but it's just something I genuinely enjoy doing). As my Bible study has evolved, so has the resources I use. Some of the resources I love I haven't used much lately simply because it doesn't fit in my current routine. But I am so excited to share some of the all time best online Bible study tools to help explain the Scripture your studying and enhance your time with the Lord.

Please remember: not all of these tools will work for everyone. A lot of these resources are very content heavy and go very in depth into some complex subjects (such as Greek and Hebrew). This isn't for everyone, and I know that I'm a little unique to enjoy stuff like that! But it is my prayer that you can find at least one of these resources that interest you to help clarify what you're studying and take you deeper with God in your Bible study times.

1. Enduring Word Bible commentary

I've tried out quite a few commentaries, and this one is by far my favorite. It goes in depth on context and clarification of the particular Scripture I'm reading while still staying in simple enough terms for me to understand. This commentary actually often quotes other commentators, so to me, that makes it even more credible.

One of my favorite things about this commentary is that it goes verse by verse (for the most part). In my search for a commentary, I kept finding commentaries that were great for big chunks of Scripture, but not for verse by verse studies. This verse by verse format is perfect if you need clarification and understanding on what one particular verse means, and not the entire section. It breaks down the Scripture into smaller chunks, which helps my overall understanding.

2. GotQuestions

I absolutely love GotQuestions. Have you ever had a question related to the Bible but unsure of where to find the answer? It's here. I have found an answer to almost every single question I've had, thanks to GotQuestions. You can search for things such as biblical characters, places in the Bible, and topics like peace, joy, etc. Sometimes you can even search up a specific verse and see what they've talked about relating to that particular verse. This resource is really helpful because it offers a simple, easy to understand explanation on some complicated subjects, and oftentimes it gives practical application for our everyday life.

3. Spoken Gospel

Spoken Gospel is a YouTube channel designed to explain Scripture and relate it back to Christ. I have found this resource incredibly helpful, especially as I study the Old Testament and often struggle to find why it matters. These videos are short, easy to comprehend, and perfect to not only explain the chapter(s) your reading, but also bring where Jesus is into the story. Spoken Gospel has helped me understand why the Old Testament Scriptures matter, all of them, and contribute to the grand, beautiful story that God is writing.

Spoken Gospel:

4. Bible Hub Hebrew + Greek Parallel Scriptures

One of my favorite things to do during my Bible study is read the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures parallel to the English translation. Doing this has deepened my understanding of the Bible by giving me an explanation of what specific words actually mean, since sometimes that meaning can get lost in translation. Reading the Bible in this way can help bring clarity and insight on Scripture that most commentaries can't bring.

When you read this parallel Hebrew or Greek translation, you're able to see what word in Hebrew or Greek lines up with the English translation, and then click on that word to find it's meaning in each verse it's located and where it's found in other places in the Bible. It sounds complicated, but I promise - it's easy to navigate and an essential part of taking your Bible study to the next level.


This week, I challenge you to try out one of these resources and find how God uses it to deepen your understanding of His word and draws you closer to Him. Ultimately, our Bible study is not about being aesthetic or impressive, but about learning more about our God and strengthening our relationship with Him. It's not about how much we learn and know, but what we do with that knowledge that really matters. As we go about this week and continue studying Scripture, let's remember that all we do is for His glory and to draw near to Him.

If there are any other online Bible resources that you'd recommend, please share in the comments down below so that we can help each other go deeper in our Bible study! Or, if you have any prayer requests, please let me know in the comments as well so that I can join with you in prayer.



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