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The Easiest Way to Lead a Bible Study

We all crave community. All of us! Even if you're an introvert, deep down we want to be known, loved and supported. As a Christian girl, I particularly crave a community with girls my age, where we can talk about our walk with God and the struggles that come with that. During the pandemic, finding this community was especially difficult; youth group and church wasn't the same as before, and we couldn't quite get together with friends as we used to.

Even in the midst of this difficulty, one of my best friends and I discovered a way to hold a Bible study that is easy but so productive and fruitful. This works during pandemic times and non-pandemic times, and for however much effort/time you want to put into it!

I also realize that leading or initiating a Bible study can lead to a lot of anxiety. But don't be intimidated! It's not about getting it all right, perfect, or aesthetic, but creating a space where Christians can come together to seek God. You don't need to know all the answers or have your life put together. You just need to have a genuine desire for the Lord, and He will take care of the rest. You also don't have to do it alone; if you want, you can find a friend to help you lead it!

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” - Matthew 18:20

So don't be afraid. Let's jump head first, imperfections and all, and start leading this community!

Step #1: Collect the supplies and people!

Before we set up the actual Bible study, you have to get all the necessary materials! Find at least one friend or family member that you want to do the Bible study with. To make this as easy as possible, each person participating will need a Bible, notebook, and their preferred writing utensils. This could even be the Bible app and a note on your phone, if that's what works best for you.

Step #2: Pick out what you're studying

This is probably the hardest part because there is so much to be studied! You can either study a specific part of Scripture (ie: the book of Romans, Isaiah 49, Matthew 1:1-15) OR a specific topic in Scripture (ie: verses on joy, love, dating, sexuality, etc). Depending on your time frame for this Bible study will also impact what you want to study (if you need to get this done in a week, you might want to choose a shorter study, but if you have a month, you can study something longer).

Step #3: Set it up

Now, there are two possible ways for you to complete this step.

  1. Take your Bible study notes normally.

  2. Agree on four to five questions/things to consider during your Bible study and answer those questions/things to consider as your notes.

Personally, I recommend option 2 because it leaves your Bible study more organized and it doesn't take as long as option 1 (for those of us who take pages of notes like me). It also gets you thinking about what you're reading and naturally creates more conversations, which is essential when you're doing a Bible study.

When I "led" this Bible study, we had four "headers":

  • Lessons Learned: the normal notes part; write down what stuck out to you or what you've discovered from these verses.

  • What is God saying to you?: this is where you have to actually pause and talk to God about the Scripture you're studying! Jot it down; it doesn't have to be perfect, long, or pretty, just whatever you feel like God is telling you through these verses.

  • Application: Bible study isn't just about reading Scripture, it's also taking what you're reading and putting it into action. If you're reading and reading and reading and taking beautiful notes, but you're life isn't changed by what you're reading, then what's the point? This application section is for practical ways to live out what you're studying together.

  • Questions: No one has all the answers. No one. So use this space to ask those questions you have, and don't think they are stupid! There are no stupid questions in Bible study, as long as you are asking them out of a genuine desire to learn about God.

So, when you do this Bible study, you all are studying the same verses on the same day and answering the same questions/things to consider! Now, you all can share what you're learning, learn from each other, and have genuine conversations about the Bible.

Step #4: Meet together!

This Bible study does not have to be a big hoorah! When you get together, this can be over FaceTime, in the driveway, or in your basement. At this point, you've done the hard work! You've studied the Scripture and showed up, so now all you need to do is start talking about it. Be honest about what God is teaching you through this, what you don't understand, and how you want to grow after studying this.

And please, don't be scared. I know so many people have been hurt by people in the church, and that's keeping them from opening up about their faith (or lack thereof). I can't guarantee your feelings won't be hurt again (because all people are flawed), but please don't miss out on some amazing community by guarding your heart a little too much.


Girls (and guys!), we need community! And sometimes, instead of waiting around for it to fall in our laps, we just need to take the leap of faith and take the initiative. This Bible study might not be life-altering and make you besties, but it might start deepening your faith, and your relationship with each other and God. Let me know in the comments below if you've ever led a Bible study and what your tips are!


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