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To the Girl Intro

I love writing letters. I love pouring out my heart to someone in written words, either to share something on my heart or give encouragement. I love the feeling of letting go of all the words I've wanted to share and knowing that my words have made a positive impact in someone else's life.

This new series, To the Girl, is me sending virtual letters to my readers out there. I have so many words filling up inside of me that I wholeheartedly pray will encourage you and remind you of who God is in the midst of your struggle and pain. I desire to cover a multitude of topics, such as loneliness, anxiety, unforgiveness, sin, and more. And while I can't reach through the screen to send you a handwritten copy, or give you a big hug, these "letters" are my way of reminding you that you are wanted, that you aren't alone, and that God's love prevails throughout all the trials of this world.

The Israelites journey of leaving captivity in Egypt, wandering through the desert, and being led into the Promised Land is documented in Exodus. This journey was so pivotal and symbolic in their life but also an example for us. We are all in different stages of our own personal journeys, but I believe that God is promising to each one of us:

"I am taking you further. I am taking you higher."

God has whispered this promise to me for so long, and He's whispering it to you too. He has a magnificent plan for each of us, but it's not an easy one. In this To the Girl series, my heart is to inspire and encourage you. We all are in different struggles and different places in God's beautiful storyline, but His promises reign true for each and every one of us.

PS: To the guys out there, I know that this series is called "To the Girl", but I want you to know that this is not exclusively for the girls. The struggles I want to address are relevant to all of us. So please, keep reading and keep sharing. :)



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