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Who Do You Believe Jesus Is?

The other night at youth group, I was so moved (which is not uncommon). The worship was incredible, the people were amazing, and the message was on point. Jesus is genuinely working in my heart in mind blowing ways, and He undoubtedly spoke to me through that service.

Towards the end of the message, we were given a piece of paper and some time to answer the question "who do you believe Jesus is?". In that moment, we were able to step back and reflect on what, deep down, we believe about Jesus. Not what we say about Him, not who the church or our friends believe Jesus is, but who we truly trust Jesus to be. I couldn't help but think about all the experiences that had led me up to this point, and how they all have contributed to who I know Jesus to be.

And I've realized that a lot of times, many of us have the head knowledge of who Jesus is, but sometimes, we lack the heart knowledge of Jesus. The head knowledge is what we're taught, who the people around us tell us Jesus is. We learn about Jesus from going to church, listening to Christian podcasts, and doing our Bible study. With this head knowledge, we know about Jesus, but we might not necessarily know Him personally. It's more like a bunch of information than a relationship.

But with heart knowledge, that's something we only gain when we experience Jesus for ourselves. We have to see how Jesus is working in our lives, experience the heart healing only He can bring, and oftentimes, endure hardships that open our eyes to the faithfulness and love of Christ in a way good times can't. We gain this kind of knowledge as we walk through life with Jesus and draw near to Him in prayer and worship.

Our head knowledge and heart knowledge of Jesus are both aspects of who we believe Jesus is. It often changes as we grow, as we experience new things, and as we discover new characteristics of Jesus. And this kind of knowledge is something we have to pursue ourselves through seeking the Lord - no one can give it to us.

I want to ask you this:

Who do you believe Jesus is? In the depth of your soul, who do you really, truly believe Jesus is? How would you describe Him?

This question is probably the most important question you have to answer. Who you believe Jesus is changes everything about the way you live your life and is the foundation of all of your other beliefs. It shapes your perspective about the world and yourself.

When I decided for myself who I believe Jesus is, it changed everything. My outlook on life, my opinions, the condition of my heart - it's been transformed by Christ's incredible love and grace that I've come to know through both the head knowledge and especially the heart knowledge I've gained. I definitely don't fully understand Jesus, and I have so much still to learn, but I've experienced His presence in unexplainable ways, and I can't help but be in awe of who He's shown me that He is.

So at youth group, I did my best to cram everything I believe about who Jesus is on that small piece of paper I was given. I tried to think about the biggest ways Christ has changed my life through His character and the way He loves, and honestly, it was really emotional. Tears sprang to my eyes as I paused and remembered the way Jesus has been faithful, constant, and shown me the most perfect love. Here's what I wrote:

Jesus is oh-so good. He is a life changer and a heart healer. He is my redeemer and hope. He is life and life to the full. He is the author of my story and creator of the universe. Jesus is real love, real hope, and real life.

The more I think about this, the more emotional I get because I want every part of my life to reflect who Jesus is in such a way that the people around me would be able to know Him too. I want to shine Jesus, because y'all, He is real and He is active and He is the missing piece.

So many of us are seeking to be filled, seeking to be loved, seeking to find our purpose. We're all working through hard things of our own, and we all have battles waging inside our soul. But in the midst of all of that, it is my prayer that Jesus would show you who He really is. It is my prayer that you would see that He fills the empty parts of you, heals all your hurts, and frees you from your chains. I pray that you would experience the immense joy and grace that Jesus wants to lavish over you. I pray that you would not only gain the head knowledge of who Jesus is, but the heart knowledge as well, and that you would believe with your whole heart that Jesus is the Lord.

I want to leave you with this:

I believe that God is good, that He is always the answer, and that He loves us perfectly. I believe that Jesus died for us, because He loves us so much that He would go to the ends of the earth to prove it (and He did!). I believe that in Him we find true life, joy and freedom - something the world simply cannot provide. But what do you believe? Have you experienced His love and presence for yourself?

If so, I'm so glad. I want to celebrate with you, because isn't it a blessing? Doesn't it change everything, experiencing the God of this universe?

If not, may I challenge you to seek the Lord with your whole heart, and accept His invitation to be a part of your life? He wants to speak to you, sweet friend. And may I pray over you, right here?

Jesus, thank You for how You have shown me who You are. Thank You for blessing me with Your presence and for teaching me more about You. I pray, Jesus, that You would speak to and reach the person reading this right now. Would You show them who You are, how much You love them, just like You've shown me? Please touch their hearts right now and help them to know that You offer such joy, such freedom, and the invitation is just waiting for them. Thank You, Lord, for being alive and active in not only my life, but each and every one of our lives, no matter our background or beliefs. Thank You for loving us so perfectly. I love You and I praise You, amen.


You guys, Jesus is oh-so good, and it is my prayer that no matter what you believe, He was able to speak to you today and show you a new part of who He is.

In five sentences or less, who is Jesus to you? I'd love to know in the comments below, but even if you don't comment, I'd challenge you to take some time to truly reflect on what your answer is, just between you and God.



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